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I was born on April, 4th 1993 in Portland, Oregon. My mom was a bartender and artist. My dad was a contractor and a drummer for a popular local band, Naked Violence. My sister, born about 6 years earlier to an evil man, was taken away by our grandmother only a couple of years after I was born. My mom had really been through a lot at this point and to have her first child taken away really made her hold onto me tight. Around this time my parents also split up, I would start seeing my dad every other weekend and I wouldn't build a relationship with my sister until over a decade later. My sister would not be allowed to see us until she got emancipated at 16 years old. It ain't all bad though. My mom and I went to Mexico for a month when I was only 4 years old. Lol. Pretty sure the dudes who invited her were cartel... Haha, maybe. Apparently, I was driving wave runners and running around naked speaking Spanish. Hahaha. Mexico holds my earliest memories.
sister mom me 1993
Sister, Mom and Me.
dad mom 1989
Dad and Mom.
mom me 1993
Mom and Me.
Mom, Her friends and Me. Mexico 1997
Mom's friends, mom and Me.
Mexico 1997
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Growing up I would always be somewhat of a deviant, but I was pretty sporty too. I played soccer, football, raced BMX/mountain bikes and did martial arts. But I was always a bit more interested in nerdy stuff like drawing dragons, playing Warcraft 2 on my PC, and Pokémon on my Gameboy. My dad always gave me his old computers, which helped me expose myself to a lot of cool and scary stuff early on. I remember burning Ludacris CDs off Kazaa and getting into shit like rotten.com at an incredibly young age. My mom was always working hard and late to provide for me as a single mom. So, I took that opportunity to spend a lot of time on the internet and in the streets. I got in a lot of trouble in school and we were constantly moving around town. I got kicked out of a few schools actually. Mainly because I smoked weed. But, I also got in a handful of fights when I was young.
ashley me pc
Ashley, Me and a PC.
first pair of phat pants
First pair of phat pants.
makeshift ramp
Hitting a super sick jump.
harry potter game
Harry Potter video game.
mew gengar mew gengar mew gengar mew gengar mew gengar mew gengar mew

I got into skateboarding and graffiti around 10 years old. I wish I had more photos from this time. I did record some skate/stunt videos, but those have been lost to time. I am sure they were very cringe. A couple of years later I would drop skateboarding for punk rock and gangbanging. I remember the first time I got put on by my punk rock homies I did not understand shit. I learned quickly LMAO. I played in a couple of bands for a short amount of time. I played a little bass and drums, but I was overall trash.

After a few years of punk rockin', I slowly shifted into spending most of my time with the Sureño homies. But, by the time I was 16 after seeing my best friend get into a lot of trouble I decided to distance myself from the gang ties. I just wanted to sell drugs, not gangbang. So naturally, I dropped out of high school, got a GED, and tried community college... But ended up getting into the party life. Mushrooms, LSD, and tons of MDMA. Of course, I get caught up with two felonies right after turning 18 years old. Both of them for MDMA. That really put a damper on some shit for me.
But, it could've been worse.
5th grade
Lookin emo in 5th grade.
mohawk at 13
Photos were not punk rock.
buddah bros
Kwasi and Me being cool.
enrique and me
Enrique and I ran together for many years. 2006
lowlow punk lowlow punk lowlow punk lowlow punk lowlow punk lowlow

During my years partying I had worked at Burgerville for a few months. but mainly made my money selling drugs and working concerts as a stagehand. After my convictions, and spending a couple weeks in the most pointlessly high-security jail, I decided it was time to focus on music and try college again. I had been DJing a bit and decided to pirate an old version of Reason and figure out how to make beats. Soon after I was making all kinds of dance music, ended up getting a legit copy of Ableton Live, and never looked back. I have been making all kinds of trash since. Lots of hip-hop/r&b type stuff... but wtf is genres these days anyways.
me kwasi jay
Me, Kwasi and Jay.
tim tyler and me
Tim, Tyler and Me.
yosef phreek d and me
Yosef, Phreek D and Me.
Kwasi, J2 and Me.
alien dancer rave binky alien dancer alien binky rave dancer alien

Around 19 years old I started working in the cannabis industry, for medically licensed gardens as a lead gardener. I dropped out of college a second time and went all-in on the weed world. But, then drama happened at the farm, and recreational legalization was right around the corner. Sooooo I ended up working for my local dispensary and bringing them all my old customers. Hahahaha *sigh*. I really enjoyed working at a dispensary though. I still see them as family. I ended up working for another garden before deciding I was sick of the cannabis industry. I missed the medical days when I could grow at home and then sell that to the dispensaries.
DIY till I die :)
me kwasi
Me and Kwasi.
Me Homie Trevor Julian and Yosef
Me, Homie, Trevor, Julian and Yosef. 2019
Just me in the summer.
Acting cool, flexin packs.
weed money weed money facts money weed money weed

These days I am reselling stuff on eBay, learning how to develop video games, collecting Pokémon cards, making clothes, and making music. I spent 2020-21 making clothes and relearning HTML, while also learning Javascript and GameMakerLanguage. My current goal is to create an internet-based collective of artists and to continue working hard on my reselling business. I also need to start going out more again. Lol.

What's your nickname? Jopo, Jerrdan and ogfuntime.

How old are you? Literally at the top of this page.

What's your zodiac? Aries.

Who's your best friend? Forever alone.

What's your favorite color? Pink.

What's your favorite food? Massaman curry.

What's your favorite music genre? Hip-hop, R&B and Electronic.

What's your favorite game? Super Mario 64 and GTA V.

Who's your celebrity crush? Sarah Bonito.

Do you have trust issues? Yes.

How long was your longest relationship? 8 years.

What annoys you? A lot NGL.

What color underwear do you have on? Red.

What's the last song you listened to? In Too Deep (Petal Supply Remix)

Have you lost anyone? I have lost a handful of close friends. RIP <3

How many tattoos and piercings do you have? Just my ears, no tats.

Do you like blue cheese? Yes.

Do you like cilantro? Yes.

Dislikes? Disrespect, fake based and green beans.

Likes? My haters, weed and bass.

Thanks for reading about me :)))

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