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Monday, April 25th, 2022

Gotta Make More Music

I say it all the time, but I really got to start putting my music out. I have some beats I need to send to a few rappers/vocalists to see if they like em. I need to just get that out of the way so I can focus on pumping out new songs. I have just held myself back by not finishing the final mixes these beats I want to send out. I just gotta send it bruuuuuh. If people like em they will have the stems and have someone else to mix it anyways. I really want to make some more electronic music and this hip-hop/r&b really got me bogged down rn.

I finally got this site done for now. I wanted to publish it last week, but got distracted with adding more links and maze pages. I hope people that see this are influenced to make their own pages. If you want help with that you can reach out to me, but it is fun to learn. Such a good feeling. Nostalgia while learning new code. It's hella fun tbh. I could spend so much more time making webpages than on IG. Fuck it can be nice but shitty having so many creative outlets. I need to spend more time on music!!! DaMmnnit

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Monday, April 18th, 2022

First Journal Entry

So I don't keep a personal journal or diary and I keep a lot of things to myself. But, I am gonna just write about daily thoughts or happenings. Maybe some pics I take during my day or whatever. Things like that. Really this whole site was inspired by kreayshawn.com, other cool neocities sites and my intense love for everything Y2K. I started playing Neopets and learning how to code again in 2020 so it's been a natural progression. Regression?? Idk lollol. I remember my first time trying to code anything was my layouts on early myspace. Adding hidden songs so people can't pause it :)

I'm sick of how society has reduced social networking and internet media to a handful of websites that are limiting creativity and censoring so much. I really hope the idea of creating your own personal webpage and using niche forums will become super popular again. The internet is such a fun place if you look outside the box. People need to start making an effort to use things besides Amazon, Google and Facebook's services. I chose Neocities.com to host my site because they are helping bring this idea back and paying homage to Geocities! Their servers are also located in my area and they utilize IPFS. I will share some resources for creating your own page in the links page.

Today I have been learning about how atomic clocks work and smoking hash. Had to go to the dispensary before 4/20. Not because I want to celebrate, but I wanted to avoid going there any closer to 4/20. That shit is like Black Friday for potheads. I didn't really go outside for long sadly. It was rainy today and I want some sun. But, I am just gonna finish up this webpage and publish it tonight. Maybe play some Majora's Mask or Jet Set later.