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Saturday, May 27th, 2023

I'm Just A Stoned Lil' Fella

I swear I been smoking too much. But, regardless... High, guys!!! Haven't written here for a few months, as you might've expected if you have been keeping up here. Lately, I have been making lots of progress with all my silly little projects, and also been feeling much less depressed. Finally starting to feel truly happy with spending most my time alone. For most of my life I've always had some sort of constant companion, but for the last year or two I have been making a serious point to not have any companionship at that level. This has afforded me time to revist all my hobbies, hone in on my personal goals, and get a better understanding of how other people fit into that. It can be lonely, but having lots of friends, dating and going out all the time makes your ass broke anyways. LOL.

With that being said, I am soooo close to dropping a bunch of dope shit on your fucking asses. I been working hard in the cuddy locs, hustling up funds and old technology. All in an effort to bring y'all some nasty noises, brain-melting visuals and immobilizing interactive experinces. Seriously, y'all gonna shit yourselves, or you might just think me and everyone I know are stupid nerds.


Monday, January 2nd, 2023

Bong Hits 'n' Break Beats

I have been feeling pretty good about life lately. Getting on skates again has been so nice. I was doing some tiny ass stair jumps with wet concrete last night; that was fun. But, I really need to work on skating backward. I got my crossovers pretty good tho and need to build a little p-rail ASAP. Wish my homie Eric Thompson was here to put me on game.

I also got a few songs I am really excited to release, fleshed out a better character design for the main protagonist of my game, and I have drawn up some ideas for digikin website's layout. I can't wait to get an EP finished with Cody, this song we are working on right now is so fire. So we basically use that as the reference point and whip up a few more tracks. It will be nice to finally have some new music on streaming platforms.

Oh, and most importantly... I have decided it is time to finally catch em' all. I'm going to make a real effort to catch all the Pokemon that exist in the games. Then transfer one copy of each pokemon to my Pokemon Home app. They call it a living Pokedex. Being the nerd I am, this will be accomplishing a huge life goal.

Thursday, December 8th, 2022

Mr. Arbuckle

Put one of the first songs I ever made on streaming platforms. I think I was about 18 years old when I made it. Would've never thought it would be on Spotify. At some point, I realized it doesn't matter how much your art sucks. You just gotta put it out there. I love "bad" music and literally have a taste for things that are considered shit.

With that being said.. I need to stop overthinking other projects and release those too. Can't decide what should be released as singles and what to put into albums. Kinda been slacking on everything the past couple weeks. I feel like shit mentally and have been being way too lazy.

Friday, November 25th, 2022

Life Dumb

Haven't written here in a bit because life has been literally insane. I found out about some super wild shit. I can't talk about it here, but damn... I still can't believe it. Sometimes I swear life is some sick joke.

On a more positive note, I have actually been doing good. Having lots of fun, making money, and staying productive. I went to some sick renegade raves, released a couple of songs on Soundcloud, made some progress on drawing pixel art for my game, permanently deleted my facebook accounts, and made some new friends. Working on setting up a DistroKid account. So expect to see some tinnitus-causing beats on Spotify and Apple Music soon.

Gonna put up digikin.net soon. That will be where you'll be able to find all the stuff my friends and I are working on. I am pretty hyped on it. Been wanting a place to show off all the cool shit we do. Probably gonna take 5 years or so to finish my video game, but I will start showing more development updates when it is closer.

Saturday, October 29th, 2022

My Favorite Anime is King of the Hill

Been feeling real Bobby Hill lately. I should start posting more photos with my journal entries like I said I would. Maybe I can make a point of it and just post something from my camera roll with this entry. Anyways.. I'm stressed the F#%k out lately. Like mad anxiety and depression. I could use some manic episodes cuz I got some stuff I wanna accomplish. I think what would really help me is creating more structure with my hobbies. Like if I had set days of the week I worked on my different projects I would probably get more done, progress faster, and enjoy it all more. I tend to stick to one thing at a time but switch around every couple of months. For the past few months, I have been drowning myself with the same few songs while ignoring everything else. I really want to spend a more equitable amount of time on each of my hobbies. Like my video game!!! AAhhhh! I really want to work on that more.

My friend Yosef who had just been in Addis Ababa for the past 2 or 3 years came back to Portland for a little bit. It was really good to see him after these crazy few years. I'm gonna miss his ass. But, he does better outside Portland. Which makes sense.. This place can be like a black hole. I am gonna make a point to visit him wherever he is now that travel restrictions are basically back to normal. Need to take my ass to Africa.

Yosef photoshoot
Horchata with Yose
Red light camera
Bruce Wayned

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

Trying To Be A Better Loner

Lately I have been really trying hard to be completely content with solitude. I really don't ever want to rely on other people to make me happy. People kinda suck. But, being lonely sucks and people tell me I need friends. I just don't think I should be so concerned with my social life at this point. I just want to make a better situation for myself and keep creating as much as I can. If people fall into that, great.. But, I can't let anyone be a distraction from taking care of myself anymore. Especially if they don't reciprocate.

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

Been Sad

I haven't written here recently. I should do more cuz the only excuse I have is that I'm depressed. Just been feelin' depressed, dealing with that by being a hermit, then consequently am lonely as fuck. I'm fine though... Been working on some rave music recently which is dope. Released a bootleg remix with my boy Cody, and we are bout to make some more tunes later today. Also got some rollerblades. Gonna have fun falling on my ass since I haven't been on skates since I was a teenager. But, I am low-key excited about getting a little beat up.

Even though I have been a super-hermit lately I am totally neglecting some of my favorite projects. Like my video game, this website, and making clothes. I did update the Winamp playlist on the homepage at least. Some of my big goals for the year are to make enough new rave tracks for an album, make good progress on my game, and make at least one dope pair of pants for myself. No sweat.

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Monday, April 25th, 2022

Gotta Make More Music

I say it all the time, but I really got to start putting my music out. I have some beats I need to send to a few rappers/vocalists to see if they like em. I need to just get that out of the way so I can focus on pumping out new songs. I have just held myself back by not finishing the final mixes these beats I want to send out. I just gotta send it bruuuuuh. If people like em they will have the stems and have someone else to mix it anyways. I really want to make some more electronic music and this hip-hop/r&b really got me bogged down rn.

I finally got this site done for now. I wanted to publish it last week, but got distracted with adding more links and maze pages. I hope people that see this are influenced to make their own pages. If you want help with that you can reach out to me, but it is fun to learn. Such a good feeling. Nostalgia while learning new code. It's hella fun tbh. I could spend so much more time making webpages than on IG. Fuck it can be nice but shitty having so many creative outlets. I need to spend more time on music!!! DaMmnnit

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Monday, April 18th, 2022

First Journal Entry

So I don't keep a personal journal or diary and I keep a lot of things to myself. But, I am gonna just write about daily thoughts or happenings. Maybe some pics I take during my day or whatever. Things like that. Really this whole site was inspired by kreayshawn.com, other cool neocities sites and my intense love for everything Y2K. I started playing Neopets and learning how to code again in 2020 so it's been a natural progression. Regression?? Idk lollol. I remember my first time trying to code anything was my layouts on early myspace. Adding hidden songs so people can't pause it :)

I'm sick of how society has reduced social networking and internet media to a handful of websites that are limiting creativity and censoring so much. I really hope the idea of creating your own personal webpage and using niche forums will become super popular again. The internet is such a fun place if you look outside the box. People need to start making an effort to use things besides Amazon, Google and Facebook's services. I chose Neocities.com to host my site because they are helping bring this idea back and paying homage to Geocities! Their servers are also located in my area and they utilize IPFS. I will share some resources for creating your own page in the links page.

Today I have been learning about how atomic clocks work and smoking hash. Had to go to the dispensary before 4/20. Not because I want to celebrate, but I wanted to avoid going there any closer to 4/20. That shit is like Black Friday for potheads. I didn't really go outside for long sadly. It was rainy today and I want some sun. But, I am just gonna finish up this webpage and publish it tonight. Maybe play some Majora's Mask or Jet Set later.